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Through the winter of Alaska

Producer: Explore MediaLab | Music: Aurora - SizzleBird

This is an ultimate challenge: 1800 km Iditarod Trail through the winter of Alaska, from Knik Lake to Nome in 22 days.
One woman, the first european woman, Ausilia Vistarini and her life&travel mate, Sebastiano Favaro,
alone in snow and ice, only with their courage and their bikes.
La ciclista italiano Ausilia

Manfred got to know Ausilia in 2009 during the bicycle marathon 'London-Edinburgh-London'.


Never give up

Never Give Up is a short artistic film that beautifully portrays, Danish Triathlete, Helle Frederiksen's inspiring outlook on life.


Recumbent bike vs. MTB... Who will win the race?

Advertising of TROYTEC - German producer of carbon recumbent bikes

Offroad mit dem Carbon Liegerad? ...Geht das?
Ein lustiges Video über ein Offroad-Rennen zwischen Liegerad und Mountainbike. Mit Vollspeed über Wurzeln und Steine und im Drift um die Ecke!!
Wer wird das Rennen machen? :o)


Tour de Zimbabwe

There is no other bicycle-racing quite like the Tour de France. All other racings pale in comparison.
But, let’s imagine for a moment, what would happen, if there were others. In other locales, such as Zimbabwe!? :o)


Hell's Belles

Producer: Brooks / England

Hell's Belles, the first European Ladies Bike Polo tournament
...The devil and his angels will eventually be consigned to hell...



Producer: SPIEGEL Online

Sportwagenschreck "Fahrradi": Kettenrasseln auf der IAA :o)
Auf der Frankfurter Automesse IAA werden zahlreiche Sportwagen präsentiert. Dieses Gefährt eines österreichischen Designers aber ist einzigartig.

Sports-car fright 'Fahrradi': Chain rattling on the International Motor Show IAA :o)
On the Frankfurt car fair IAA numerous sports-cars are presented. However, this vehicle of an Austrian designer is unique.


SuperCar Fahrradi

Die spinnen, die Österreicher! ...ist das wahnsinnige Teil kaufbar? :o)

They're mad, the Austrians! ...is the SuperCar buyable? :o)


Goldener Porsche

Die spinnen echt, die Österreicher! :o)

They're really mad, the Austrians! :o)


Cycling turns the earth! :o)

Endlich wird verständlich gezeigt, warum sich die Erde dreht :o)

Finally, it is shown understandably, why the earth turns :o)


VELOFENDERS - bicycle theft in Latvia

Producer: IR magazine

Every spring in Latvia comes with a huge increase in bicycle thefts.
Everyone knows it, but because of the state laws, police can’t do much about it.
To change the situation, an experiment called “Velofenders” (Bike theft) was made. It involved 5 bikes equipped with GPS trackers, multiple online cameras, 16000 crime witnesses, every bike thief in Latvia and the local police.
After the project IR magazine raised the topic and, because of the experiment, state police admitted that there is something wrong with the laws, so now they are working on a new and hopefully better law.



Producer: Expertfahrschule

Erlebnisse einer Fahrstunde - Fahrradfahrer richtig überholen!
Eine Fahrschülerin überholt Fahrradfahrer und erhält vom Fahrlehrer die nötigen Erklärungen.

Die Einhaltung der Seitenabstands-Vorschrift ist leider nur Theorie. :-(
In der Praxis wird diese Vorschrift in den Fahrschulen offensichtlich nicht gelehrt, oder sie wird von den Autofahrern grundsätzlich missachtet, sobald kein Fahrschullehrer mehr auf dem Beifahrersitz sitzt. :-{


BananaHama Bike

Producer: BananaHama

The BananaHama Bike presents a new way to enjoy bike riding. Instead on a saddle, the rider sits in a hammock!
The creator Brent Ingrim says: "The ride on our bike is unlike any other you have experienced. It has more comfort than even the best recumbent bike, AND your feet are firmly planted below you.
The Bicycle Comfort rEvolution has begun!"
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